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Custom Beats

Step 1 | Purchase a Custom Beat Key 🔑

Custom Beat Key | $149.99 (Click to Add to Cart)

Redeemable for one custom beat, produced by @proddayjob.

Step 2 | Submit Google Form 📝

After purchasing a Custom Beat Key, fill out the Custom Beat Order Form.

The form contains 4 quick questions to help me better understand the sound you're going for on your custom beat.

Step 3 | Receive 1st Draft 🎵

You will receive the first draft of your custom beat within 3-5 business days after completion of the Google Form in Step 2.

You are allowed up to 3 drafts (revisions) per custom beat.

Communicate any adjustments you'd liked to be made, if applicable. This can include, but is not limited to choices such as:

- Sound Selection

- BPM / Tempo

- Key

- Arrangement

- Other reasoning, as applicable

Step 4 | Final Delivery ✉️

Download the final draft of your custom beat, ready for recording & distribution.

What's included?

  • .mp3 file
  • .wav file
  • STEMS (.wav)
  • .flp file (Fruity Loops Project file)
  • Exclusive License Agreement


Please direct all questions, including royalty negotiations to:

IG: @proddayjob or