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Produced by @dayjob_

Custom Beat Key

Custom Beat Key

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What's included?

x1 Custom Beat Key (redeemable for one customized beat, produced by @proddayjob)

  • Follow the instructions listed below to redeem

- x1 Exclusive License (applicable ONLY to your custom beat)


1.) After purchase, you are required to fill out & submit a Custom Beat Order Form. This will allow me to better understand the type of beat you'd like me to make. *Redemption of your Custom Beat Key is contingent upon the completion of this form.

2.) The final draft of your custom beat will include an Exclusive License (at no additional cost.)

3.) You will receive the first draft of your custom beat within 3-5 business days after completion of the Google Form in Step 2.

You are allowed up to 3 drafts (revisions) per custom beat.

Communicate any adjustments you'd liked to be made, if applicable. This can include, but is not limited to choices such as:

- Sound Selection

- BPM / Tempo

- Key

- Arrangement

- Other reasoning, as applicable

4.) Download the final draft of your custom beat, ready for recording & distribution.

What's included?

  • .mp3 file
  • .wav file
  • STEMS (.wav)
  • .flp file (Fruity Loops Project file)
  • Exclusive License Agreement

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What is a beat "license"?

A beat license is a contractual agreement between you, the Artist, and the Producer of your beat. It lists all of the terms & conditions - including usage terms & distribution rights - of your finished track.

Why do I need a beat license?

Beat licensing ensures that all parties involved in the creation of a track are duly credited as applicable. This includes Songwriter and/or Publishing credits, royalty splits, and credits in additional forms of content, such as music videos.

What is the difference between a Limited License and an Exclusive License?

View and compare full licensing terms here.

The main difference between these two licenses is the permissions granted to you, the Artist, also referred to as the "Licensee".

  • Limited Licenses contain certain restrictions on your usage, distribution, broadcasting & streaming rights, while Exclusive Licenses have no restrictions.

A copy of your exclusive license will be automatically sent to you upon Custom Beat Key purchase.